What we do

We provide solutions in three service areas:
strategic advisory & Consulting
data analytics & research
software & technology R&D

World commercial fleet consisted of 89,464 vessels, totalling 1.75 billion dwt. Seaborne trade volumes surpassed a record 10 billion tons* (about 80% of world trade).

Seaborne markets tend to be over-supplied as there are few restrictions on the number of ships one can build and it takes time before a ship is ready to be put in service.

Freight forms only a small part of a goods total value but a ship can cost between $10million and $100million to build, and many people are connected 24/7 through its life value chain.

Cyclical, capital & labour intensive nature of the business drives people hard in dealing with many daily conflicts and pains. What we do is to help ease these pains.

* UNCTAD data for 2015