Senior Analyst

Reports to : Group COO

Job Description

The Senior Analyst’s key roles include:

  •  Develop and manage integration of databases, models and dashboards into platform
  •  Identify business opportunities and recommend solutions & products that deliver value to stakeholders
  •  Provide internal enterprise business analytics including analysis metrics
  •  Develop current and new methodologies and models for research products, including concept-testing, etc
  •  Conduct secondary research, including finding information from industry associations, statisticians and market experts
  •  Manages timelines and deliverables of existing and new projects
  •  Provide mathematical and statistical consultancy internally
  •  Manage customers subscriptions and customers projects

Experience and Key Skills desired

  •  Minimum a good Bachelor’s Degree in Statistics or similar discipline
  •  At least 7 years’ experience in shipping data and freight market research and analysis, preferably in the vegoil or chemical shipping industry
  •  Strong technical skills in use of statistical or mathematical tools in data analytics
  •   Highly proficient communication and presentation skills
  •  Strong capability to interpret problems into solutions and translate it into business value
  •   Experience with data visualization, handling big data and maintaining architectures such as databases and large-scale data processing systems is a plus
  •   Highly meticulous, resourceful and possess deep sense of curiosity