Shipsfocus Chemical Freight Indices

Updated 15th December 2017 : While other regional freight rates have tamed, surging Asian rates have propelled GCFI higher.

About the Indicator

The Global Chemical Freight Index (GCFI™) has been developed by ShipsFocus Intelligence Pte Ltd. and is designed to track spot chemical freight rates on a global basis covering all major long-haul & short-haul chemical shipping trade routes around the world. With freight data consistently tracked since 2003, the index base is referenced on 4 Jan, 2010 (also 2005, 2012). The GCFI is a trade-weighted, composite index of freight rates on 28 trade routes spread over the US, Europe, Middle East as well as Asia for various & varied ‘typical’ lot sizes, some are ‘bulk commodities’ while others are ‘parcels’. Weightages are assigned to the freight rates for each trade route in the index basket based on its relative market share covering over 50 major liquid chemicals shipped.

There are four other independent regional chemical freight indices, namely, the Asian Chemical Freight Index (ACFI™), the US Chemical Freight Index (USCFI™), the European Chemical Freight Index (EUCFI™) and the Middle-East Chemical Freight Index (MECFI™), which are constructed in a similar fashion with the basket of freight rates from the major trade routes within their respective regions.

We conduct annual reviews on the freight basket and weightages to ensure a continuous representation of the global and regional chemical freight markets. .

We welcome enquires on our methodology and any interest to use our freight indices.
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