Aggregated shipping

As we all thrive in growth, we must limit waste and leave fewer carbon footprints behind

In ShipsFocus, we believe we can play a part to reduce carbon footprints in a way that matters: by leveraging on technology, our domain skill and network, we are building a B2B cloud chartering and operations platform that will help transit to ‘aggregated shipping’.

What is ‘aggregated shipping’? Consolidation of several customers’ shipments into one shipment so to reduce number of ports a ship needs to call, and improve financial outcomes for both carrier and charterer, we call this: ‘aggregated shipping’.

Today’s chartering model limits this, so consolidation occurs only within each shipper – some call it ‘optimization’. Through our determination and work, such ‘optimization’ can be implemented on a wider and inclusive rather than an exclusive basis, so that such beneficial aggregation can occur.

Our ‘proof of concept’ on a small market place has enabled clients to have more integrated and interdependent business & operational processes interactively with their linked business entities – creating new values, efficiency, closer engagement and better visibility. Further tractions will help us to offer features that will result in ‘aggregated shipping’ within this small market place.