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The solutions we offer are organised around the three core pillars of Intelligence, Service and Technology

Shipping advisory and consulting

strategic advisory
& consulting

Sustained ship-operating winners are few and no accidental heroes – they excel in the complex chemical tanker segment because they out-do others in:

Hardware | Financing | Ship-Management | Operational Knowhow | Trading Structure & Practice | Chartering Network

We are closely connected with the carriers and through our experience in the marketplace. Our insights and energies are sought after by high growth organisations. We keep all work confidential and do not use our clients data to advertise. We focus on functional solutions. While we take a longer term horizon, we help clients achieve quick and real results.

Our chief consultant is a SPRING-recognised Practising Management Consultant.

Singaporean SMEs (locally registered companies with at least 30% local shareholding and fewer than 200 employees) can tap into grants to defray consulting and other development costs.

Shipping research and analytical data

data analytics
& Research

Competition is tough but growth rate is also high in Asia, winners in the probably least transparent chemical segment are those who are armed with right intelligence, insights and advice.

Our team of qualified, experienced and well-trained engineers and analysts are obsessed with using data and analytics to solve our customers problems. Our staple is freight, time-charter rate and ship price benchmarks and forecasts. Our clients use us for trade route, cargo, ship supply and demand, freight studies and projections. Financial institutions, investors, ship-owners, ship-operators, shipbrokers, tank storage companies and users of these various shipping services use our team to research to win in their battles in the chemical & parcel shipping arena.

Shipping Technology R&D and Software

Technology R&D
& Software

"Growth and comfort don’t co-exist" (Ginny Rometty) – so we took a risk and brought R&D in maritime technologies to change that.

Our innovative spirit takes us to lonely places where we uncover values for our stakeholders. We work painstakingly on software solutions so that you can enjoy growth and comfort at the same time

Our tech team is now pounding on the foundations for a B2B cloud chartering and operations platform which will offer supply chain (marine) visibility; procurement competitiveness, compliance and security; operational efficiency; increased access and engagement with suppliers and customers; transiting towards aggregated shipping that will cut wastage and improve utilisation.

Our Team

A balanced & dedicated team with varied skillsets, expertise & experience in: Business: ship-operations, ship-broking, ship-agency; Technology; Finance: corporate re-structuring, fund-raising; Research, Marketing & Sales.



ShipsFocus is an open, inclusive, and active platform where talents can truly exploit their unique capabilities.

shipping jobs, shipping career

"I’m looking for complex problem solvers, people who are driven, open minded, and attentive to details to join us in our demanding but exciting pursuits. Write in to contribute in ways that matter. "

Jessica Kwan, HR Manager

The lean team here combines experience of a shipping veteran with energy of ambitious younger experts; plus varied backgrounds including key people in finance, operations, research, marketing, sales and management. We have a clear and common vision to serve, and prepare the industry for the future.

We are not afraid to fail, in fact, we are constantly learning a great deal from each small failure that eventually lead us to many milestones. We motivate each other and love it absolutely that we do.


drive our success

The right people – are attracted to our vision and share our core values. They want to be a part of our story before they want that job.

The right people at the right seats – have roles that fit well with their unique capabilities. They don’t need to be managed, and regularly wow the team with their insights and output.

The right people at the right seats doing things right – focus on KPIs, value generating activities and reducing waste (defined as anything that happens in our company that a customer would not want to pay for)

Our Managers :

 Help people play to their strengths

 Don’t demotivate

 Give recognition and show appreciation

 Hire fewer people but pay them more

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